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Evoxgear Sports includes, world's three most popular sports, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Fitness clothing Evoxgear have all rangers from Professional boxing accessories too training boxing accessories. Evoxgear world well is renowned boxing brand. We have work so hard to develop the most advanced, innovative, high quality boxing gloves and accessories. Evoxgear crafted its Professional boxing gloves with exacts specification a fighter need for training and fight. Our Professional boxing gloves are manufacture under high level supervision for best quality. Evoxgear uses the best quality nappa leather, cowhide leather and engineered leather. So when fighter wears gloves he knows his or her hands are protected and he is able to punch hard.

Evoxgear MMA gloves are most advanced, innovative and best quality. We have vast variety of mma equipment. We have crafted our vast range of mma gloves with best quality of cowhide leather, nappa leather and engineered leather. We have developed the innovative 3D logo for our mma gloves. Evoxgear mma gloves padding fully secured, which help through hard punches, with full hand protection. We have work hard on our mma gloves printing, to give style and great look. Our mma gloves come in different size XS,S,M,L,XL 4oz, 6oz.

Evoxgear head Guards is important in any extreme sports, to prevent from head injury. In boxing head gear is most vital part to prevent from head injury. Evoxgear developed best quality head guards, to protect from hard punches. Evoxgear head guards built for max shock-absorption without slipping or hampering the sight. You got to stay safe, and there's no better way than to invest in quality protective head gear

Evoxgear Head guards are an important piece of boxing equipment when it comes to sparring and amateur contests. Tests have shown that continuous knocks or blows can or may lead to irreversible brain damage. Take care with one of your most precious assets with Evoxgear quality head guards. Evoxgear head guards are tested on hard punching and machine test for perfection. So no one get hurt. Evoxgear have vast range of head guards. Pro head guard for professional sparring.

Evoxgear developed training pads for boxing. Considering all aspects which help boxing coaches and fighter. It gives coach hand protection and fighter to through quality punches. Practicing your technique with Evoxgear focus pads can help you quickly develop your sparring skills. Our focus pads are lightweight and durable.

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We've got a superb collection of styles, sizes and shapes to suit all kinds of training pad including curved jab pads and mini hook and jab pads for when focus training. Evoxgear hand sized focus mitts incorporated Focus Pads allow extra stability and high level accuracy utilizing the advanced features and are thus in great demand.

Focus Pads are perfect for personal trainers to turn yourself into a walking talking interactive punch bag. You can also use focus pads to teach specific punching. We've training pads in highest quality cowhide leather and engineered leather. We use very high quality padding ISAP( integrated shock absorb padding).

Evoxgear Thai pads are developed to give full hand support and protection in mma training. We have used best quality martial for our quality thai pads. We use best quality 100% leather, cowhide leather, PU leather. We use very high quality padding ISAP (integrated shock absorb padding). Evoxgear Thai pads made for MMA, Muay Thai, Kick boxing and other combat sports.

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. Jiu Jitsu's was introducing by Brazilian Gracie family. Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the most fast growing combat sports. Bjj techniques can help small person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier person. Evoxgear crafted best Bjj, jiu jitsu Gi's in jiu jitsu market. Evoxgear have various types of fabrics gold weave and pearl weave. Evoxgear have fabric from light weight to heavy weight, 430g, 450g, 550g and 750g. Evoxgear have advanced and innovative bjj gi and best artwork. Evoxgear is first company to introduce 3D embroidery.