The final Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor face of press conference was not crazy as it was in promotion tours press conferences. It was more of a telling opponent about their training camp, question and answers.

First Floyd Conor McGregor comes to podium and speaks. He said: before press conference was crazy, but this one is more like business and the way I like it sometimes. I am very happy the way camp has gone and shout out to my team and couches. We are prepared for 12, 3 minute rounds nonstop pace. I will go forward and I will put pressure and break this old man. We are more than ready.

He also said: 8oz boxing gloves is a big big error in my opinion; I don’t seem lasting two rounds.  \

He thanks fans back home and around the world.

Floyd Mayweather was with polite speech. He also starts with thanking his family and others. He thanks social and other Medias. He said; I had a very great training camp. In combat sports either boxing or MMA we are fighters end of the day. Im in sports 21 years and I had to take very seriously. I know what can I do, I can fight, I can give it and I can take it. For me 49-0 it obvious I’m not receiving it, im giving it.   

He speaks for Conor McGregor. He said: Conor McGregor has a hell of a career, still have hell of career. He is a hell of a fighter, standup guy, tuff competitor and it’s not going to be an easy fight.

He also thanks WBC and he said that it was his dream to be WBC world Champion.

The most fascinating thing in whole press thing was the WBC Champions belt.
Named the “Money Belt
WBC have created the money belt. This belt 3360 diamonds, 600 sapphires and 160 emeralds and 1.5 kilograms of solid 24k gold.

The strap is made from crocodile leather imported from Italy.

26th of August 2017 Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor war of two worlds!