How Conor McGregor face ups and downs of his life.

He was born in a working class family; his father was a taxi driver.
He used to get bullied because of his shorter height at school.
He started football when he was young. But he realized that he was getting more in fights then playing and scoring goals.

So he started kick boxing to take out his stress.

In his teens. He worked as a plumber and train at night.

One day, he got into a fight with his father and told him that he wanted to get into MMA and leave plumbing forever.

 Conor McGregor told his father: “you’ll be sorry when I become Millionaire at 25”

He was frustrated broke and alone.

That’s when he met a girl named ‘Den Devlin’ who supported him in every way possible.

She used to cook, clean and pack his gym bag just so he could focus on his fights.

Conor McGregor said: “Despite the lack of money, she tried to get me to eat right, drove me to the gym and listened to my dreams”

One day when life hit too hard, Conor would be a wounded warrior and his only relief from the pain would be his girlfriend’s words: “Conor, it’s okay. You can do it!

Even after getting into MMA, he barely survived for 5 years and earning £1300 a year.

Conor McGregor said: “It wasn’t easy, earning £85 a fight and training at the height of winter in a cold gym”

But that didn’t stop him!

Then the time come he sign with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), through his consistent hard work, he defeated even the greatest fighters Nate Diaz and Jose Aldo.

He becomes Ultimate Fighting Championship world champion.

Now he earns Millions.

“By the time 2016 closes out, I’ll be closing in on $40 million. This is a $40 million dollar year for me. It’s been a damn good year,” he said.

Conor McGregor is one of the greatest fighter of all times.