Dana White says UFC is in contact with Floyd Mayweather on deal. Is it real.

Dana White president of UFC confirm that Floyd Mayweather Boxing world champion is in talk with UFC.

"We are talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal," White told ESPN on Wednesday. "It's real.

On Tuesday, UFC commentator Joe Rogan revealed discussions he had with UFC president Dana White about Mayweather’s interest in UFC. Rogan said on his podcast via Bleacher Report:

“Floyd talked about it, apparently. This is one thing I can tell you, Dana told me that Floyd wants to make a deal in the UFC. Like legitimately. So I texted him ‘is Floyd really talking about fighting in MMA?’ And he goes ‘yeah, he’s f–king crazy, I told him he’d get killed but he’s still talking about doing it.'”

Dana said: We are interesting in doing something with Mayweather. Everything is realistic and possible. Mayweather vs. McGregor f*cking happened. Anything and everything is possible."

But with hours Floyd Mayweather reject the rumors and completely reject UFC President Dana White’s claim that he could compete in an MMA fight.

Floyd Mayweather is currently holding Boxing record 50-0.