Evoxgear developed the best top-of-the-line products. Introducing our new and improved Elite training thai pads.

Evoxgear built top of the line hand crafted elite thai pads. Elite Thai pads are manufacture with most durable, high quality and innovative martial. We have developed highest quality engineered leather for our elite thai pads.

We have made these best quality training thai pads different for each hand, to fit well for trainers hands. It help trainer steady hands.

Evoxgear have developed Elite training Pads. To give an edge to coach while giving training. It helps to increase punch force, punching shock distribution, shaped padded zones designed to absorb and dissipate shock.

Upper Cuff Elite logo to provide great support for coach to be supportive and safe while giving training.

We have develop this Elite thai pads ultra lightweight which helps to last long in training and to make fighter ready for fight. High Quality (ISAP Integrated shock absorbed padding) Signature padding keep hand focus, comfort and safe while training.

3D logo on top

Great Choice for Coaches training these days.


  • Full grain premium Engineered Leather
  • (ISAP Integrated shock absorbed padding)
  • 3D logo on starp
  • Provides Maximum Protection, Optimal Mobility and perfect coaching gear
  • High quality Printing
  • Sell in pairs 
  • Handmade 100% premium quality