This was unusual press conference that start in wembley arena in London and in a Ring.

Both Floyd Mayweather champion of Boxing world 40-0 and Mcgregor notorious light weight champion of UFC come face to face in London. Th last Place to visit in world tour.

Mcgregor said: Its honor to end this tour in London, which to close to Home. He said; here are to-many of my spotter and countryman.
He said he is 29 years today at London Press conference; He continue and said: Fours years he fought in London at HMV forum in
front of 500 People. Here im now 6 weeks out from world biggest fight.

He said he will destroy Floyd Mayweather legacy of 40-0. He said: Its his first time in boxing ring. Its my boxing ring, I'm boxing.

He teasing Floyd Mayweather for wearing high heels in New York Press Conference.

Mayweather Champion of Boxing World had a tough time with a London crowd that was absolutely pro-McGregor. When he delivered his familiar “hard work” chant, the crowd responded “same old, same old”; jeer at McGregor led to a longer “sit down, shut up” Shout; while an attempt to have the crowd sing McGregor happy birthday saw ‘Conor McGregor’ turn the tables and ask for a “F*** Floyd Mayweather” outburst on the count of three - which was delivered with loud.

“You can’t do that,” Mayweather said. “Conor McGregor, you cannot disrespect black women. You cannot disrespect black people, period.”
“I’m not going to touch you until August 26,” he said, getting in McGregor’s face. “[Then] I’ll knock you the f*** out. I’ll knock you the f*** out. I’ll knock you the f*** out, punk.”
“Floyd has never fought an Irish man before, he’s not experienced this. But in the ring, he will feel it, make no mistake about it. There’s a different animal in the Irish, that’s just the trut