Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has agreed to join the Bellator MMA, according to Ariel Helwani for MMA Fighting. Frank Mir’s agreement terms with Bellator after leaving the UFC. Frank Mir release last month from his contract with the ultimate fighting championship.

In coming days Bellator MMA will officially announce the joining of Frank Mir’s.

This March 2017 Frank Mir losses fight to Mark Hunt in Australia.
Frank Mir was tested positive for oral-turinabol in a United States by Anti-Doping Agency drug test. As a result he face two-year suspension that will ends in April 2018. He will not be able to fight for Bellator MMA before then.

Frank Mir Fight record he wins 18 fights and wins 5 by knockout. He looses 11 fights. He lost his last two fight from 'Mark Hunt'
and ;Andrei Arlovski'

Since 2001 Frank Mir was with UFC. His whole career was with UFC.

He said in his last tweet:
"Watch me make my official announcement that I've signed to fight for @BellatorMMA on my @phoneboothfight podcast "