<p>After two news conferences in Los Angeles and Toronto &nbsp;noticeably smaller man, Mayweather arrived wearing trainers with huge boosted to take him up to the Irishman's McGregor height when they went face to face. Meanwhile McGregor's attire, shirtless underneath a mink coat he described as "polar bear",&nbsp;</p>
<p>Unlike in Toronto, there were few magic moments from UFC lightweight champion McGregor, 28, this time around Mayweather got the show..&nbsp;</p>
<p><span class="m_first-letter m_first-letter--flagged">O</span>ne New York Times journalist commented: "Conor McGregor gave it his all but white guys still have yet to connect on the 'i&rsquo;m not racist but' explanation."</p>

Mayweather Come bag full Cash and throws on UFC lightweight champion McGregor. He was seems enjoying it.

The interesting moment came when Floyd Mayweather called on stage his bodyguards to surround UFC lightweight champion McGregor and he surrounded while he continued to stomp around the stage like he was in the middle of a solo performance. The move nearly erupted into a scuffles as Mayweather’s brawny security guards came face-to-face with McGregor’s crew.

They're all ones!" McGregor said.

Mayweather replied."Because that's all you're worth,"

"Nobody knows that squared circle like me," Champion Mayweather told reporters. "I know angles. I know where to touch you at. I know what you don't like. I don't have to watch your tapes. That's something I'm blessed with.

"But, he's unorthodox," "So it'll definitely be something different in the ring. I just have to keep my composure."

McGregor making racist comments every press talk.

He said, “A lot of you in the media seem to be saying I’m against black people. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Do they not know I’m half black? I’m half black from the bellybutton down.”

World tour will end with last press conference in London