If you want to start boxing, then you already watch some matches on the TV or online. And what you will notice is that most boxers pay a lot of attention to their footwork. But why is that so important to begin with? There are a lot of things to consider in here, and here are some of the most important one.

Remember that boxing power will come from ground and then it will move onwards to your hands. So, the method you use to generate your boxing power will always start from your base. At its core, footwork is the art of knowing how to move so you can always generate the most power, all while making sure that your opponent doesn’t have you as an open target.

Movement is crucial for boxing, because you can control the distance of your attacks. And yes, you can also keep the opponent in check, which on its own does integrate some really interesting and unique benefits.

It’s a core part of both attack and defense too. You need proper footwork if you want to attack, because it will give you more power to the core and thus you can generate a more impactful attack. But at the same time you will see that your footwork is extremely important for your defense too. The way you defend does vary from time to time, but you will always see that people end up boxing with a true focus on a powerful and unique footwork. Why is that? Because this type of system does work really well, and it can definitely bring in front some unique options.

Most of the footwork you will focus on during a match will be about defense. You need to move around and show your opponent that you can evade him. This may throw him off his game, and in the end you can deliver the final shot. The idea is to never stop moving, because once you do you will be a sitting target for that opponent.

And yes, things like that need to be avoided as much as possible. When you are sitting in place or don’t have any footwork, the opponent will attack in a rush and the blow can be very powerful. But if you have good footwork, the opponent will have a very hard time figuring out where you will be next. He can’t have a very powerful hit if he’s unable to determine where you will be with the utmost precision.

Obviously, this has a huge impact on the way you are boxing. With the right footwork and some good strategy, you can take even the harder opponents. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to have the right footwork. It can take many years of practice, but it can definitely pay off a lot. It’s one of those tremendous things that can help improve your game. So, while you may be practicing your shots right now, don’t remember to add your footwork into the mix as well so you can get the best results!